Who We Are


Reverge was founded on the belief that the single biggest force shaping the future of humanity will be the rate of technological adoption for positive economic and social impact. Access to technology to enable businesses to push digital economies forward should not be for the top 1% of mega-corporations, if we want technology to change the world for the better, it needs to be accessible to all. We built Reverge to enable businesses of all sizes to transform for the future by providing access to emerging technologies.

Our Mission

To enable businesses of all levels to access technology and accelerate the growth of the global digital economy.

Our Beliefs

  • We embrace technology

  • We democratize technology

  • We believe in technology as a force for good


Jamie Alexander Bubb


 Jamie is an entrepreneur, technologist and product builder. Previously to starting Reverge, he built several software businesses in industries spanning from logistics to advertising to ecommerce. He is enthusiastic about our technological future, but also driven by the mission that this future should be inclusive for all. 

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Baljeet (Rickey) Singh


 Baljeet is an entrepreneur and a technology consultant skilled in using technology to increase profits, productivity and building innovative digital products. He has directed research and development for many AI driven B2B and B2C products and solutions for global companies. He also received a recognition letter from "U.S. Military All Stars" for providing technology support and services.